It is our desire to understand men better so we could focus on healthy relationships. Our staff at Mint Charm are dedicated to helping readers who need real-life answers to relationship questions that sometimes confuse us. We’ve all been through times of confusion and even pain. To some, a deep relationship with a man sounds foreign. Wherever you are, it is our passion to help readers like you to obtain some fundamental guidelines. Our dedication will hopefully shine through in the articles and content we produce here on the site. We have free e-books and suggested courses with helpful newsletters, where they dig into greater details on men and relationships. Because our guidelines are practical, you will see that Mint Charm is multifaceted and truly has a life all its own.

What We Believe

Here at Mint Charm, we understand that a woman’s charm is never restricted to her external outlook. We believe true charm comes from her established confidence. We want to provide the stepping stone to do just that – build confidence in how you respond and approach the man you are fond of – learn how to improve your present relationship. You’ll be surprised to know how much power we have as women when we begin to understand men’s mindset and motive in a relationship.

Our approach will guide you with a jump start. Questions like, “Does he like me?” or “Is he losing interest?” or “Are we compatible?” will be answered so you’d know what your next move is. We provide specializes mind-reading quizzes with tailored results and advice to fit your unique situation. Whether you are looking to approach your next date or struggling to keep your man’s interest, we are here to share true, tested, and dignified guidelines. 

Hope you all Enjoy, Share, Like, Link, Tweet and everything else you can do to our content here on the site.

Editorial / Expert Partnerships

Editorial Director: Jennifer JK

Editors : Tony Agi, Belinda Art, Matt Cace, Alice G. Jay K.

Experts: James Bauer (What Men Secretly Want / Relationship Rewrite), Amy North (Text Chemistry), Mirabelle Summers (2nd Chance)

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