Attract Him with Your Positive Look

Attract Him with Your Positive Look

By Matt Cace

Sometimes, we meet a person that sparks an interest in us and when we try to approach him, we get tongue tied and do weird things. Anxiety and nervousness take a hold of us and we end up stammering, get too shy and sometimes are at a loss for words.  As a result, we lose any chance of the person getting to know us and giving them a chance to like us back.   

Your positive/confident appearance is the key. Here are a few things that will kick things off and will make him notice you.


1. Smart Outfit

Reminder: Good grooming goes without saying.

Practicing good hygiene and paying extra attention to your appearance goes a long way when you want to draw interest from someone. Find the outfit that represents yourself. When you are comfortable, you boost your self-esteem and will definitely get his attention. As a result you will radiate positivity when you feel good and draw people your way.

Spending time on styling your hair, adding a simple layer of make up on your face and wearing sweet perfume will give you that extra spring in your step.

Too much of anything can end up looking messy; be sure not to overdo your makeup or wear too much perfume. You will get the much sort for attention but not in a good way. Wearing too much perfume might come off as a little desperate. This can take a turn for the worse when the person you are trying to get the attention from gets irritated instead of impressed by your fragrance.

In conclusion, moderation is key.

2. Smile & Be Friendly

A warm smile will definitely draw people to you. No one wants to be in the company of someone who is constantly complaining and sulking. Of course, there are days that you will be in a sore mood, but let them be as minimal as possible. Try your best to always look on the positive of everything. People like being in a company of positivity and will try their best to stay clear of any negative and pessimistic vibes.

In addition to being well groomed, being friendly and easily accessible will draw people towards you. Smiling and looking cheerful will attract people your way.

When your nerves get the better of you, you can try focusing on your breathing for 10 seconds. This can be quite calming or better yet, make assuring affirmations in your head. When these two things don’t seem to work, making a joke about how nervous you are will do the trick.

3. Pay Attention When He Speaks

It’s flattering when someone mentions your name once or twice when they speak. A connection is developed when this is done and you feel awesome when someone pays attention to every single word you say when talking. A feeling of importance warms your insides when a person pays very close attention to you and seems genuinely interested in what you are saying.

Small things like remembering someone’s name and recalling small things they have told you will automatically make someone like you. If for instance someone told you that they had a stressful presentation to make, saying words like “Hey Nick, all the best in your presentation.” Or “Hey Nick, I hope your presentation went well.” will strike a chord with this person.  This generally shows that you are taking a keen interest in the person you like and whatever concerns them.

Once you got all this figured out, people will generally feel special and comfortable around you. You will attract a good crowd of positive people with your positive vibes.

4. Body Language

Your body language can communicate a lot more than words will.  Your body language generally says what emotional state you are in. You might try to convince people with your words how well you are but the body language can easily betray you.

When trying to win people over or draw interest from the guy you like, it’s important to ensure that your body language is in check. Talk freely and confidently with your head held high. Keep your arms free but above all always have a charming smile on your face.

5. Respectful

Respect and common courtesy go hand in hand. As much as you would like people to like you, try as much as you can to remain respectful. Don’t be like one of those guys who think their opinions should not be challenged. Be mindful of people’s personal space and try as much as you can not to give your religious, ethnic or political views without knowing the other person’s views first.

When you are mindful of what people say and are not too quick to draw conclusions, you will generally draw a liking from people.  By being respectful in every single word that you relay, you create a comfortable atmosphere around you.  Try your best to observe non-verbal cues, disturbed facial expressions to know when you strike a nerve with what you say to people.

By paying attention to body language and facial expressions, you will take note how people respond to your words and have a useful filtering system.

6. Be Happy

Most emotions are infectious and happiness is no exception. When you exude happiness, then the people around you will catch on to the joy. When people feel good around you they will want to constantly be in your presence. Being joyful will make people like you especially if your intention is to hook your crush.

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