15 Signs He Wants to be Serious with You

Has he fallen for me?


By Alice G.

These are common questions when you have been dating for a while.  No one wants to be caught off guard after having developed feelings.  Too often women tend to let themselves become conquered by feelings of high hopes of what the future may hold … only to arrive at a point where she finally realizes he is not in the same boat.  This can be a huge blow. 

On the other hand, when you discover that a man you truly have feelings for feels the same about you… and wants a serious relationship with you, you are suddenly walking on air.   

Fortunately, there are ways you can tell if a guy is seriously into you. 

Are you ready?  

1. Shows “Deep” Interest

If he can spend a lot of hours talking to you, showing interest and asks a ton of questions, then he is into you. Not only that, he knows how to listen to you and remember the important details because he’s genuinely interested and concerned about you. Discovering you one layer at a time becomes his delight.      

2. He Shares His Favorites Things

When a man shares with you what he’s passionate about, he’s letting you into his world.  This decision doesn’t come lightly to a man. He does it because he feels comfortable and wants to be more emotionally intimate with you. Although he does not expect you to like the thing as much as he does, his hope is that you acknowledge him for being passionate about something.   

3. Transparency

Firstly, he is brutally honest. He is a free man when he’s around you and he naturally talks about the future while telling you how much you are important to him. On the other hand, if he doesn’t open up with you this way, then he’s not ready for long term relationship with you. 

Research Shows: 74% of Men Are More Attracted to Women Who Do This One Thing

4. A Man of His Word

Even when he is tired from long day’s work, if he promised you to take you to bowling on Thursday night, he will.  A man who wants to be in a serious relationship with you won’t make empty promises.  Why?  He doesn’t want to let you down. The more he’s invested in you, the more his promises to you become a serious mission. Do you want to upset a guy who is serious about you?  Show him you are disappointed when he forgets his promise. He won’t save any energy to make it up to you. 

Because he has made you a priority, he will do his best to stick to his word… and you will notice this in every little thing.

5. He Makes You a Priority

Although you won’t be first all the time (that’s just not possible), you come first in his life. When things don’t fall in place in his life to show your first place, he will make sure to let you know that you ARE important to him. 

Making you a priority does not mean that he needs to drop everything in his life for every quality time with you. That would be unhealthy.  Making you priority means your wants and needs matter to him. He will make plans and won’t leave you hanging… unless it’s something urgent. 

He paves the way for you in his life, so there is no need for you to drill your way into his. 

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6. Exclusivity

A guy who wants a relationship won’t beat around the bush about it. He will make it pretty clear that he wants you to be exclusive. When he lets you know he wants to be serious, he won’t leave things open to interpretation because to him, it’s not worth taking a risk of losing you. 

When a man doesn’t take a firm stand with you this way, he’s either not ready or he’s ready but too passive. 

7. His Life is Settled

You can tell whether a man is willing to settle down by his lifestyle. If he owns a car, has a savings account and maybe even knows how to cook, then he is probably ready to commit. This is not the case for a man who lives the partying life and knows the latest places to hang out to pick up women. For men, timing is important.

For you to know that he is actually serious, there’s a lot that comes with it other than him being at a comfortable place in his life. For instance, he lets you know he’s mentally and emotionally ready to commit and maybe talk about creating life and future with you. If you don’t want to waste your time, it’s important that you have the talk with him to discover whether you want the same things. Knowing you are both in the same boat is a good thing. When a man lets you know he’s not ready to settle down, take his word for it. 

8. His Actions Speak Louder

When he is serious about you, you will notice it in the little things he does… the way he looks at you and how he treats you. We’ve all heard that “Talk is cheap”.  A man’s action will show you where he stands with you.     

Because you are the main woman in his life, there won’t be any flirting with other girls, communication with exes will come to a halt, and any dating site apps will be taken down from his gadgets.

9. He Cares About What Your Friends and Family Think of Him

15 Signs He Wants to be Serious with You

Scoring points with your friends and family is a huge priority for a man who wants to be serious with you. He will simply want your inner circle to like him. He will want them to know that he has got the best intentions at heart for you and that you are safe with him. He will, of course, go to great lengths to impress them by buying dinner, taking them out and having his best foot forward.

10. He Asks for Your Opinions

When he asks for your opinions and actually takes them into consideration that means he values your thoughts and cares how you feel.  He genuinely listens and respects what you say.  Of course, not all your opinions will be right at the moment but he doesn’t roll his eyes and make you feel dumb. He considers your intensions and takes heart to what you say. 

11. How Well do You Know His Friends and Family?

It’s definitely not every day a guy introduces his woman to his close friends and family. His intention here is clear if you have met them and even spent some time with them. It’s clear that he wants to bring you into his inner circle and draw you closer to them because he is “serious” about you. He feels comfortable about being serious with you and desires you feel the same way about him and his world. 

12. He’s Happy When You are Happy

This is as simple as it gets. This is where women can say, “Men are simple”. When it comes to making your man happy, allow him to make you happy and let him know it. When a man is serious about you, he wants to do whatever it takes to make you happy… because your happiness equals to his happiness.  We’ve all heard men say, “Happy wife, happy life”.  This is true to all men when they are seriously invested in their other half. 

Here is a big secret about men most women don’t know about: 

When a man sees that he makes his woman happy in a relationship, he is happy. PERIOD.

But here is the tricky part for a woman: your man is NOT responsible for your happiness. Though he feeds off from making you happy, it’s not his job to make you happy. If that were true, all men are terrible at their jobs. 

It’s your job to be happy. In regards to what a man can do, he will. He will accommodate your desires and listen to your needs and wants… and will do his best at that (when he is serious about you). 

13. He Maintains the Line of Communication

He will always put you in the loop when anything comes up, even if it’s as small as hanging out late, busy, or tied up. If he doesn’t, then that might be a sign that he is one of those guys who reappear after a long time and ends up annoyed at you for asking where he was.

He makes it his regular routine to stay in contact with you because he factors your feelings in.  When he doesn’t reach out for a time being (like a day or two, not weeks) you know it’s due to a good reason.

14.  He Respects Your Pace

Because he respects you, he will not move faster than your consent. He will honor your boundaries and the pace you have set. Because he is SERIOUS about you, he will wait before getting physically intimate if you are not ready. He will not push or impose you in any way. 

15. It’s Apparent

There is no confusion about whether he wants to be with you. It’s even apparent to your friends and family. He has even told you he does. He has already begun to treat you with utmost respect and care… and freely acts like you are a couple. This should make you feel safe and secure. So far, he has shown you he is here to stay… because he has fallen for you.

Final Thought:

From reading this article, have you concluded that the man you are presently dating wants to be in a serious relationship with you?  If you have – awesome! Enjoy the ride. On the other hand, if you concluded he is not in the same boat with you, you are good! Why? Because now you know. You can unleash yourself from whatever confusion you are in now and seek someone who is worthy of your attention. 

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