3 Texting Mistakes To Avoid

3 texting mistakes

By Amy North – Text Chemistry

There are certain “texting” mistakes that are known to push men further and further away…

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: one moment, a guy is SUPER into you. He texts you like crazy and wants to spend every waking second with you. And then all of a sudden, he begins ignoring you, coming up with excuses to not see you, and vanishing.

If this has happened to you… then you could be committing one of these three mistakes that are causing him to pull away.

By my estimation, I think that over 85% of women commit at least one of these three texting errors on a regular basis that cause this to happen. And I’ve been working in this field for 10 years… so that’s a LOT of women.

So without further adieu… I give you the top 3 texting mistakes:


Men are biologically hardwired to chase women. And you can use this fact to your advantage…

The key here is to GIVE a little, and PULL a little. This may sound like you’re playing games, but women who are naturally good with men do this NATURALLY and it WORKS!

And you can use this little psychological hack to gain an unfair advantage over other men… which will cause only the highest quality of men to chase you and be with you. So here’s a little tip…

Instead of texting a guy back right away, wait an hour sometimes. Maybe two hours. Maybe even three hours. Especially if he’s expecting an instant reply.

If you do this at the RIGHT TIME, you’ll subconsciously activate his primal “desire” center in his brain… and he will feel compelled to wonder about you, text you more, and want to see you as soon as humanly possible.


“What’s up?”
“What you doing today?”
These are the worst. Texts. Ever.

When you’re trying to capture a man’s attention and REALLY make him fall for you deeply, you have to imprint yourself onto his subconscious…

And you do this by giving his imagination something to do. You need to constantly make him wonder about you…

Wonder about where you are… who you’re with… what you’re doing…

And make him wonder if you’re into him or not…

And once you do this properly (and it isn’t hard to do… I give you EXACT texting examples in my program, Text Chemistry.) you will essentially control his mind…

And you will make him think about you fully. You will have his complete attention. And his thoughts will be consumed by you, 24/7.

This is what I call complete and total obsession. Interested in learning more? Keep reading until the very end…


Again, you need to make sure that he focuses all of his attention on YOU. This is how you can get a man to fall completely head over heels for you… and even obsess over you.

And one of the best techniques to do this is by leaving a little bit of mystery…

But almost all women have no idea how to do this… or they just don’t do it enough!

Okay, I’ll give you a quick example of what I mean by mystery… here’s a quick example texting.

HIM: “Hey, what do you wanna do tonight?”
Instead of saying something like, “I dunno” or “I’m easy going”, you could say something like…

YOU: “I got something exciting for you… you free at 7?”

Or here’s another great response…

YOU: “You’re going to have to guess until you see me tonight.”

Obviously, this is just one example — I could go on forever and ever with great examples that are PROVEN to make a man wonder about you and obsess over you…


If that sounds like fun to you, click here to watch a video presentation on text chemistry tool. You will learn that the power of using the right words at your fingertips could make a tremendous impact on how your man sees and thinks about you.

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