25 Goodnight Texts for Him: TRIGGER a Man’s EMOTION

Goodnight texts for him.

By Belinda Art

Texting makes it easy for women to initiate good conversations with their men.   Apply these simple text phrases to melt your man’s heart! 

Keep in mind though texts, in general, do not replace the real conversation you need with your man.  However, it can be used (if applied properly) to provoke his interest and emotion to your advantage.  Remember these are not “long” texts of how your day was or what the latest news was.  You reserve those topics for face to face meetings. 

These goodnight messages sort of seal your relational communication at the end of the day that leaves a positive IMPRESSION and SMILE to your man… and you of course.  They are a simple, BUT IMPORTANT part of love expressions for both of you. 

WARNING:  Don’t expect what you want to expect after using these texts.  Not all respond the same or as expected… simply because all men are different.  That doesn’t mean they are not pleased.  Just don’t give up just because you think his reaction isn’t as good as you want.   

Here they are….

1. Friends building up to a relationship

Good night message for him.

These are precious moments and every flirtation and encouragement count. So the texts ought to be somewhat restrained… meaning if you show too much affection during this period, he can get scared. Here are some mild examples that will put a smile on his face.  

“I’m in bed right now but thinking of you. Wish you were here.”

“Man, you give me butterflies.”

“I hope you have sweet delicious dreams.”

“Goodnight cute person. I hope you wake up smiling in the morning.”

“Goodnight hottest, funniest, coolest, awesome-est person I know.”

“I loved spending the day with you. It was absolutely perfect.”

“Have a good night. I hope you have sweet dreams of me ;)”

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2. In A Relationship

How to make him miss you over text.

The thing about a relationship is that it can get mundane… because you are so used to each other.  That’s why it requires effort.  Don’t let yourself and your partner get bored… Send these texts and let him know he’s still important to you.  Your man will thank you for being so frank and sweet. 

 “I feel so comfortable with you: if only you were here I’d feel so safe. I love you so much. Goodnight my baby.”

“It’s freezing in my bed. Wishing you were here to keep me warm.”

“I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Goodnight, I really do love you.”

“I don’t want to sound sappy but I get butterflies when I think of you. I’m happy to know you. Sleep well. I love you.”

“I love you so much. Sweet dreams. Goodnight love of my life.”

“I miss you so bad. Sleep well.”

“You must be sleeping or getting ready for bed… just know I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Goodnight, my handsome man.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are everything”

You should also consider the nature of the man and his attitude to romantic gestures. If you know your man well and these romantic notions are strange to him, then you should use more ironical texts:

“Hey, Butthead. Even though you’re not saying it I know you’re a warm-hearted person. I love that about you.”

“You make me feel so safe. Yes, I know I sound ridiculous. But whatever it’s true. You’re mine. ;)”

“Remember this song?: Insert the name of a song that has a memory attached to it:”

3. Long-Distance Relationship

Cute goodnight texts.

It’s never easy to be in this type of relationship. If you are in this place, love can be hard work. However, texting properly to your man can put a huge impact on his psychology… especially before he sleeps. In addition to applying the texts mentioned above, you should definitely need to look at the texts below.

 “It’s so unfair that we are far apart like this. I would do anything to hold you.”

“I want to cuddle so badly I miss you so much.”

“Know that I am thinking of you. I love you so much. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight love, see you in my dreams :)”

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4. Bonus Texts (for all purposes)

Do guys like goodnight texts?

These are universal texts that will help you show your feelings in any type of relationship you are in:

“I just re-read some of your texts. I’m literally smiling at my phone right now.”

“Thinking of you as I drift off to sleep…”

“I just wanted to say goodnight. Sending you virtual hugs, kisses, squishes, smiles and sweet dreams of me.”

Friendly Reminder

These expressions are not only important to your man but to you as well.  When a woman opens her heart to her man like this, his mind is prompt to show his feelings and express himself to you as well. 

Don’t treat texting as something unreal or superficial.  These are the emotions and feelings that you are sharing when you are not physically together. 

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