10 Proven Ways to Make your 1st Date a Success

Confidence, realness, and open-mindedness remain the key ingredients in any romance.  Combining these three attitudes will not only make him admire you but also ensure that you appear CONTINUALLY appealing.

By Belinda Art

First date impression goes a long way.  Here are the ten important first date tips that can be applied to achieve amazing results.

10 Best First Date Tips You Should Know

1.  Be Well-Prepared

Rushing through preparations – whether work or social or family gathering – can be difficult and stressful.  While we may be able to escape the aftermath of a rushed preparation in such instances above, it is not the same for dates.  When you rush your preparations for your first date, he will always see that feeling of unsettlement in you, no matter how hard you try to keep it away.  Rather than rushing, try the following;

  • Relax well before the set time; do your favorite relaxation activities – a long walk, stretching, or reading.  Just ensure that your mind is calm and you are focused.
  • Set up a schedule for yourself; from showering to fixing up your hair, applying your makeup, getting dressed, and packing your purse.  Allocate specific duration to each of these preparatory steps and stick to them.
  • It is advisable to add an extra half hour, in the event of an unforeseen development.  This extra time will ensure that you do not get destabilized by the fear of arriving late for your first date.

2. Choose the Right Outfit

Ordinarily, we all want to look amazing on our first date. The wrong outfit will not only make you uncomfortable but also make him feel unsettled by your public show of distress. Dressing appropriately for your first date is possible when you 

  • Get an outfit that matches the occasion while looking great on you that makes you look and feel cool and collective.  
  • Select the outfit for your date the night before the date, and get it ready (perhaps by cleaning and ironing).  The same goes for your accessories if you use any.

3. Consider the Meeting Environment

Meeting over dinner or a movie is the trend.  However, you do not have to be like everyone else – you can arrange dates that you both will enjoy.  By this, we are not implying that you turn down his plans or ask that you swap them for yours.  Instead:

  • Pitch your ideas as suggestions beforehand, and convince him on how it would add much fun to your meeting.
  • In addition, rather than being resolute about such arrangements, be flexible enough to consider his opinions and inputs. 

4. Be Clear About Your Choices

Being clear about your choices is not the same as trying to make all the decisions on the date.  You only need to ensure that you make meaningful contributions.  For instance:

  • Be specific about your preferences, rather than appearing inconclusive.  If he asks you to choose between Japanese or Italian, rather than saying “I don’t know,” simply say which you prefer.   

Guys tend to appreciate women with outright choices, compared to those they have to decide for now and then.  So, always speak up. It is man’s natural instinct to want to please you… especially on the first date.

5. Be Real

When a guy asks you out, he is doing so because he wants to meet and know the real you.  By trying to be someone else, you are depriving him of meeting the interesting being that you are.  Likewise, you are cheating yourself by keeping your true self from him. 

So be yourself.  By doing this, you are indirectly preparing his mind to like you for you, and not for an act.

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6. Have Fun Eating

Ordering food and eating only half may sound normal and appealing to you, but your date will probably see it differently.  He may think you possibly have food issues. 

  • Eat normally as you would. He will appreciate it more when you eat with pleasure and without being too self-conscious.  They feel more comfortable refreshed around you. 
  • It also shows that you are down to earth and simple.

However, the same principle should not be applied when it comes to drinking.  The fact that you have no problem downing two bottles of wine doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so on your first date because in most cases it makes you likely to say things you wouldn’t normally say.

7. Be Smart with Your Phone

While this may appear normal, most of us are prone to get carried away by our phones.  When you divert all the attention to your phone rather than your date, seamless communication becomes almost impossible.  Likewise, your date will find it rude and frustrating that you prioritize your online involvement over him.  That would be a deal-breaker.  

So, no matter how frequent your notifications come up or how tempted you are to check into that photo on Instagram, ignore them… even if he appears busy with his.

8. Don’t Get Too Deep in Your Conversations

Keeping the conversations light and enjoyable is important to have a nice date.  Avoid discussions about your previous relationships or other sensitive topics on a first date.  When you do this, your date sees you as still in the shackles of your past relationship/s, and not ready to move on.

  • Discuss topics that will create the connection between you two, such that he would want to know more.
  • Ask questions that show you are genuinely interested in his life, job, family, hobby, interests, etc. However, to make the conversion light and pleasant, only stick to things he is willing to share with you.

Avoid questions that are too direct or intrusive, otherwise, you may appear being too curious about his private life. Instead, try to make the process fun and without pressure. Guys are always attracted to women that can make them feel better about themselves when with them.

9. When it Comes Handling the Bill  

Handling the bill can be a tricky part of your first date.  You have two options here. 

  • Option 1:

Wait for a moment after the bill drops until he makes a move.  Once he does, get your purse and attempt to complete the payment until he asks you not to bother – that he got it.  When he says this, ask him again, and if he reiterates his earlier point, just drop it and thank him.  There is no need to be insistent here. However, if he doesn’t attempt to stop you, then you will have to split the bill.

  • Option 2:

Get the bill and pay without waiting for him to make a move.  But if he insists, offer to pay half of the bill or the tip at the least.  The chances are high that he will decline. When he does, ensure that you could offer on the drinks or a movie ticket… etc.

10. Show Appreciation and Class

Statistically, guys don’t call a woman after a date that showed no appreciation.  Keep in mind to thank him at the end of every date.

The experience of many men with women is this:  that women are just interested in the free drinks or meal that come with a date.  Women have the power to correct such a notion.

  • Text him after the end of the date – an hour or so – to thank him again.
  • Don’t just text “Thanks” because it doesn’t sound sincere. Instead, put together a heartfelt message.
  • Do not go overboard.   

Thanking a guy after a date shows that you have the class to be appreciative, even if you didn’t hit it off during the date.

There you have them – top ten tips to remember for your first date. Hope this will help you make your first date positive and memorable.

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